Vitality ☆
Vitality ☆
Vitality ☆

Vitality ☆

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Clinical strength blend of fresh water blue green algae containing high amounts of beta-carotene, protein, fiber, vitamins, omega 3s, and chlorophyll. Chlorella and Spirulina are commonly used in the vegan community as they are the only plant sources containing active b12.


+regulates blood pressure (hypertension)

+immune system boost

+supports healthy kidney and liver function

+regulates hormones

+healthy source of antioxidants

+clean energy

Suggested Use

one bite as needed *contains caffeine


*raw cacao butter, *chlorella, *spirulina, *ceremonial grade japanese matcha, *peppermint, *cacao nibs, *stevia

*indicates organic ingredients


+broken cell wall 100% certified organic Chlorella powder from Taiwan

+organic alkalizing Spirulina cultivated with love from Taiwan

+Japanese ceremonial grade organic Matcha

+100% organic freeze dried medicinal grade Peppermint leaf powder

+hand picked Ecuadorian Arriba criollo cacao pods are fermented for 3 days and sun dried to perfection creating potent alkalizing cocoa nibs